Before and After Nasal Tip Rhinoplasty

Patient 11

Septoplasty Surgery

Twisted nasal deformity.  This patient required reconstructive septorhinoplasty by Dr Philip Solomon Oto-Head and Neck Surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery in Toronto Canada.  Nose was straightened and reduced in size.

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Patient 12

Dr Solomon Rhinoplasty Specialist

This women suffered collapse of her nose secondary to injury and surgery done elsewhere.  This patient was refered to Dr Solomon Rhinoplasty Specialist who is trained in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery practicing in Toronto Canada.  A rib graft reconstruction was used to restore the patients nose to its pre injury state.

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Patient 13

Nasal Surgery

This patient had prior nasal surgery in Pakistan.  She developed loss of nasal tip support and collapse of the nasal bridge which accentuated the bump on the upper nose.  Her nose was reconstructed by putting grafts into her nasal tip and building up her cartilagenous bridge while reducing the boney bridge of her nose.  The results of Rhinoplasty both enhanced nasal function and esthetics.

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Patient 14

Reconstructive Septorhinoplasty Toronto

This patient presented with complete collapse of his left nasal tip. Open Reconstructive Septorhinoplasty performed by Dr Solomon Nasal and Facial Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Toronto and thornhill Ontario dramatically improved nasal function and appearance.  His tip was rebuilt with nasal septal cartilage grafts.

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Patient 15

Facial Plastic Surgery

This women sustained severe injury to her face from a horse trampled her.  This injury resulted in complete stenosis or scarring of her nostril.  The basal or bottom view shows complete collapse of her left nostril.  Reconstructive septorhinoplasty was performed by Dr Solomon Oto Head and Neck Surgeon subspecializing in  Facial Plastic Surgery in Toronto Canada.  A graft was taken from the patients ear to rebuild the tip of her nose and wider her nostril. Results of this reconstructive cosmetic plastic surgery procedure are demonstrated with these reconstructive septorhinoplasty images.

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Patient 16

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Patient 17

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Patient 18

nostril reshaping

This ladys nasal tip was reshaped. Her narrow tall nostrils were converted to better proportioned nostrils with more natural flare.

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Patient 19

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Patient 20

tip plasty rhinoplasty

Boxy nasal tip reshaped with tip sutures and cartilage reshaping.

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